AERO-CATERING is working with the finest gourmet cooks and covers every need from short-flight snacks to the most executive gourmet menus for business flights. The selection of menus can be fitted to the client’s needs; the dedicated service is able to reply to any special requests for individual creations.

AERO-CATERING also provides beverages, dry goods, newspapers and catering handling (up- and offloads, transport, stocking, refrigerating and washing up), and is also HALAL certified.

Our services are known at the Liege Airport platform to be the most flexible company coping with all delays and timetable modifications, whilst giving perfect service.

Upon request standard prices and service description can be obtained at INFO@AEROCATERING.BE

AERO-CATERING is a daughter company of AEROSERVICES, the latter offering its handling capabilities at Liège Airport.

More information about those services can be obtained by contacting  DATA@AEROSERVICES.BE.

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